Mario Games for Kids

Mario Attacks!Mario Attacks!
Find instructions on how to play, you have to kill Mario Bots and all enemies who are waiting, fun platform game!
Family PlayFamily Play
Choose which character you want to play this game, suitable for the whole family, enjoy a big way with these games so much fun at the hands of Mario Bros!
Play as WaluigiPlay as Waluigi
Classic platform game set in the world of Mario Bros, Waluigi is the small brother of Luigi ± o and care because it has no ability to jump over the enemy, I hope you like this game!
Collect the StarsCollect the Stars
You have to collect all the stars you can to keep advancing levels in this way, you can take on new adventures!
Game CreatorGame Creator
Very entertaining game in which you create the most incredible adventure, you are the designer of this game in the style of Super Mario World, I hope you like!
Mario Games CollectionMario Games Collection
Show that you have much skill with the Mario game, in this minigame is a concentration of several Mario games, have fun!
Mario TetrisMario Tetris
Funny tetris game in the purest Mario Bros style, suitable for the whole family, playing and having fun with like never before!
Learn English with The SimpsonsLearn English with The Simpsons
Very original game in which you play besides learning English, the questions are about your favorite cartoon series of the Simposon!
Super Smash game to 2 playersSuper Smash game to 2 players
In this adventure game in the world of Mario you can choose from various characters: Mario, Megaman,Zelda, Koopa and others. Choose your player and read the instructions carefully when choosing your character.
Poker with MarioPoker with Mario
Today we discover the world of poker with Mario and all his characters. Put all your senses in this exciting game of cards and catch the lucky that you will be the winner!
The tetris with MarioThe tetris with Mario
The usual tetris, but with our friend Mario. The music and magic cubes will surprise you at every turn. Complete all the levels and become the best!
Sonic Smash gameSonic Smash game
Sonic has traveled to the world of Mario. Help him to forward all levels and find the exit. Mario must defeat to get out of this world. Move Sonic with the cursor and the letter A to jump.
Mario Made ​​a KnightMario Made ​​a Knight
Collect the coins and try your opponents do not kill you, pass all levels to demonstrate that you are the best, with the space bar you can throw shells!
Mario against the GoombasMario against the Goombas
Help Mario to eliminate alien invaders. There are plenty of Goombas and Mario need your abilities. You must be quick and take advantage of every opportunity
In this Mario game set on Halloween night you have to weed out bad bosses, use the arrow keys and the Shift key to hit big kick your opponents!

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